Best Route to Crested Butte

What is the best route from denver to crested butte?

There are essentially three routes you can take, but the best route from Denver to Crested Butte is to take 285 South to 50 West. Then at Gunnison head north on 135. Crested Butte is about a 30 minute drive from Gunnison. The other two routes are longer and pose way greater traffic threats, but depending on particular road conditions, they might be helpful, such as accidents or rock slides or heavy snow. This is also a very pretty desert drive. The trip should take 4-4.5 hours in good conditions, depending on how heavy a foot you have.

The next quickest driving route from Denver is to take I-70 West just past Frisco. At Copper Mountain head south on 91/24 toward Leadville. This will connect with 285 and follow the above directions from there. This is not a bad option if there is no traffic. Maybe around 15 minutes slower, but you get to go through the tunnel, which is cool. As always with I-70, stay off this section after 200p on Sundays. It will be a parking lot.

Your last resort is to go through Colorado Springs. Take I-25 South to Colo Springs, then take 115 South in the middle of the city. That will meet up with 50, take that West (to the right), and then follow the directions above. This route isn’t crazy slower, but probably closer to 5 hours in good conditions.

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