Crested Butte Attractions

What are some attractions to see on the way to crested butte?

 There are are many great attractions to see when you drive from Denver to Crested Butte, no matter what time of the year really, but we will assume you are asking about the winter. 

There are a decent amount of museums, historic sites, and a wide variety of high-quality restaurants, only a short drive away from Crested Butte. Tons of trails to hike or snowshoe, and some of the best mountain biking you are likely to find in the warmer months. Some particular favorites of many people include the Broadmoor (try to stop here for their brunch), the Garden of the Gods, and then just the whole town of Manitou Springs. If you are taking the southern route home, the Black Sands are really cool. We’ve been there many times, and it always impresses

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