Good Place to Ski

Is Crested Butte a good place to ski?

Hell yes, Crested Butte is a good place to ski. It’s a great place to ski. It has tons of good options for beginners, mid-level, and advanced skiing, so you can bring anyone. A while it is not a huge place, you can still get a ton of skiing in over a weekend, and you won’t have to stand in lines or fight crowds. There aren’t any daytrippers from Denver, so even when the hill is packed, you will feel like you are all along compared to the mountains in Summit County.

Tons of lodging within walking distance of the mountain. Great food in the town and on the mountain. A completely relaxed vibe and a WAY different vibe from Aspen and Vail. I learned to ski here as a child, and I’ve been back several times since and have nothing but good things to say about it. 


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