Best Time for Snow

When is the best time for snow in Crested Butte? 

The best time for snow in Crested Butte is the same as most any other Colorado mountain: mid-January through the end of February. On average across 50 years of skiing, this 45-day window typically sees the most snow. Better still, when snow falls this far into the season, there is already a good base of snowpack, so in effect it is all pure snow. If two feet falls in late October, that’s great, but you can still ski down on rocks and mud.

Predicting snow is a bit like predicting the stock market, and perhaps even more difficult if you are trying to plan a trip several months out and hoping to hit it big. There are two good pieces of advice here that I was given long ago.

#1 – If you want to ski in some of the best conditions, you need to ski often. Someday, it will hit.

#2 – If you never want to be disappointed skiing, learn to love it in poor conditions. It’ll only get better when there’s powder. 

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