Beginner Skiing

Snowmass Beginner Ski Trails

Snowmass is a popular ski resort for beginner and intermediate skiers. Assay Hill and Fanny Hill are both located near the main base area of the mountain. These are the easiest ski trails at Snowmass, and these are ideal places for true beginners and children to learn how to ski for the first time.

The learn-to-ski zone that is pictured in the photo directly below is located next to the bottom of the Sky Cab Gondola and the Village Express chairlift.

snowmass beginner skiing


The Meadows beginner learning area is located at the top of the Elk Camp Gondola. You can ride the gondola to access this area, as well as back down the mountain if you would like to avoid skiing down. This area of the mountain has a similar slope and difficulty to the area in the photo above, however, its remote location and larger size can make The Meadows a more pleasureful place for first time skiers to try their wits. You can see The Meadows in the photo below.

snowmass beginner ski trails


You can use the Trail Map to help locate the beginner ski trails that wind throughout the ski resort. The photo below shows the area just above Makaha Park underneath of the gondola.

snowmass beginner ski trails


snowmass beginner Adam's Avenue, Slider, Naked Lady ski trails


The photo above shows the terrain descending down just above the Alpine Springs chairlift (Adam’s Avenue, Slider, Naked Lady ski trails).

Below you can see some of the beginner ski trails that are located near Sam’s Knob and the Village Express lift. This includes the trails; Lunchline, Scooper, Dawdler, and Nor Way. This area is accessible to beginners via the Village Express midway unloading station.


Beginner Skiing
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