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Prices for Snowmass Lift Tickets 2019-2020 Ski Season

Snowmass lift ticket prices are the same as the prices for Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, and Aspen Highlands. Lift tickets are valid at any of these four ski resorts. Prices will vary depending upon your travel and specific ski dates. See below for info about Snowmass ski passes.

Prices that are shown below have been updated for the 2019-2020 ski season. These prices are based upon 1-day lift ticket purchased at the ticket window. Keep in mind that if you book online at least 7 days in advance, you can save about $10/day of skiing. You are going to buy these tickets anyway. Might as well do it early and save some dollar bills. While we don’t have any discounts on lift tickets at this time, we do have 20% discounts on ski rentals, so definitely use those.

Ticket Category Adult (18-64) Child (7-17) Senior (65+)
3 Day – Ticket Window $492 $212
Our Discount $462 $192

The Value of Snowmass

When you purchase a Snowmass lift ticket, it is good at all four Aspen Resorts, which includes Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, and Aspen Highlands. What’s great about this is that you have access to just as much terrain as Vail with this pass, however, you have individual mountains with this pass. So if Buttermilk is more crowded than you would like, go to one of the other hills. At Vail, if it’s packed–and it’s always packed–you have to find a hidden corner of the resort for less congestion.

But keep in mind that not all four Aspen mountains are created equally. Here at Colorado Ski Authority, we sometimes like to rationalize things in ways that may only make sense to us. If it makes sense to you, too, glad we found each other. The table below shows how much more mountain a day at Snowmass gives you based on their latest day of window rate, $155. So if it’s dumping snow in the valley, we know where we’re headed.

Mountain Stats Snowmass Ajax Aspen Highlands
Vertical Rise (feet) 4,406 3,267 3,635
Vertical Rise/Dollar 31 feet 27.5 feet 30.5 feet
Skiable Terrain 3100 acres 675 acres 714 acres
Acres/Dollar 19.5 4.2 4.5
Number of Lifts 20 8 4
Dollars/Lift $7.95 $19.88 $39.75

Half Day Tickets

We have talked about this in several places throughout the site, but think twice before buying half day passes. Many people get it in their heads that half day tickets are half price or maybe just a little over half price–like buying wine by the glass rather than the bottle–but this is not even close to the case. For Snowmass, when the day prices are $159, the half day prices are $115, which is just 27% less than full price, even though you get 50% less skiing. Worse still, these passes are only available day of purchase–no advance purchase and no advance purchase discount–which starts at 1200p.

I mean look, if you don’t get to the slopes until noon, of course, buy the half day. Matter of fact, they won’t even sell you a full day at that point. But what I don’t want to see people doing is getting to the hill at 11, and waiting around for an hour to save $35. Sure it’s a lot of money, but you are costing yourself an hour of skiing. And for most people who are in the half day market, there are precious few hours in the year to ski. It’s an expensive sport. Save your money elsewhere and get on the mountain to do what you came to do.

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