Fly Into Vail or Colo Springs

Fly into Vail or Colorado Springs if driving to Crested Butte? 

Sort of a weird question but if the options are between Vail and Colorado Springs, we would recommend flying into Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is a little farther drive than from Vail, maybe 30 minutes, but it is an easier drive and a better drive in better weather. It will be cheaper to fly into Colorado Springs vs Vail and cheaper to rent a car in the Springs. Both are beautiful drives. We like the drive from the Springs better than the one from Vail, but you might disagree.

If you want even more options, you should consider Denver and Gunnison. Gunnison is going to be around the same price as flying into Vail, but just a 40 minute shuttle from the Airport. Denver is a 4.5 hour drive, the cheapest place in Colorado to fly into, and cheapest place to rent a car.

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