Diggity Dog House

Diggity Dog House

TripAdvisor Rating:4.5

Address: 567 Mountain Village Blvd Suite 106D, Telluride (next to Fairmont Heritage Place)

Hours: 7:30-10a, 11a-3p


There are a bunch of great dining options for dinner in Telluride, but what about quick fuel in the morning or a caloric recharge for lunch without eating away the entire afternoon? There’s Diggity Dog House for that. Right next to several lifts in the Mountain Village ski base, this is an ideal option for many skiers. It’s a great place for delicious, quick, and affordable meals.

If you’re not a hot dog person, but you’re interested in the idea of a quick, affordable meal that’s right by the Mountain Village lifts, this place also has a selection of burgers and BBQ. Plus, while it’s not exactly a vegetarian sanctuary, they do offer an agreeable tofu choice, the Hippie Dogg.

What They’re Known for: Hot dogs, of course. But not just your ordinary dog, bun, and ketchup. Diggity knows how to make a delicious hot dog for breakfast. Warm poppy seed bun, scrambled egg, sausage links, gravy, and cheese.

What to Watch for: That your eyes are bigger than your stomach. We’re not trying to mother you, but it’s so easy to opt for the Fire Dogg or Heart Attach Sandwich, while a Turkey Dogg or the classic Diggity provides plenty of energy without threatening to turn your stomach if you get slammed on the first trip after you eat.

Price: $4-$8

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Diggity Dog House