Oak Bar

Oak Bar

TripAdvisor Rating:4.0

Address: 250 W San Juan Ave, Telluride, CO

Hours: Sun-Sat, 10a-10p


If you want an exciting time, then stop by the Oak Bar. This is where you can enjoy all that comes with great food, cold beer and a laid-back atmosphere. Offering many delicious American choices such as hamburgers, salad, hotdogs, pulled pork, ribs and steak, you can get something small or a large meal to sit with. The service is quick to serve you, and quick to take your order. You will not wait long and there is always an open seat. Bring the whole family in for a delicious meal that will not cost you much and is expertly prepared.

What They’re Known for: Their rib racks and cold beer. You can enjoy them in the dining area, or even while watching the gondola drift by. It is up to you, but if you’re stopping threw, these are the two things you will want to order off the menu. Served fresh, slathered in sauce and the beer is always cold and crisp when you walk in and order.

What to Watch for: The meals are ordered in one area, picked up in another and you choose where you sit in the restaurant on your own. There is wait staff available if you need something or have questions. It is mostly self-serve which some may not like, but it doesn’t take away from the quality of the food, the beautiful views and a great place to spend your time eating right off the slopes.

Price: $5-$30

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Oak Bar