Beginner Skiing

Beaver Creek Beginner Trails

beaver creek beginner ski trails

Beaver Creek Skiing and Snowboarding for Beginners

You can find easy ski trails scattered throughout Bachelor Gulch Mountain. This makes it easy for anyone to get around who is staying in this area or parked at Beaver Creek landing.

beginner skiing

If you take the Drink of Water Chairlift to the top of the mountain there is also several beginner ski trails here like; Mystic Island, Powell and the Booth Gardens. Just be careful how you get down to the base of the mountain from here; you can get to the bottom by taking easy (green circle) ski trails, but if you take a wrong turn you can easily wind up going down something much steeper.

The main area for children and beginning skiers is located right at the base of the slopes in Beaver Creek Village. There are 2 slow chairlifts and several surface carpets that beginners can use to get up the mountain. You can see some photos of this area to the right and below.

You can also find more information about ski programs at Beaver Creek for children here; Childrens Ski Programs.

Beaver Creek Beginner Skiing