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Beaver Creek Expert Terrain

beaver creek expert skiing

Toughest Extreme Terrain at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is a fairly tame mountain, but there is more expert ski terrain here than there is at the average ski resort in Colorado. Some of the most extreme skiing at Beaver Creek can be found in the Stone Creek area. To get to Stone Creek Chutes, you may take the Centennial Express Lift to either the Rose Bowl Lift or the Cinch Express Lift.

Stone Creek Chutes

Below you can see one of the largest cliffs in the Stone Creek area. To find this cliff, just enter Stone Creek through the gated entrance and traverse about 25 yards to the skiers right. This cliff will be directly beneath you.

beaver creek expert skiing


If you traverse to your left after you enter the Stone Creek Chutes, you will encounter all of the cliffs that you can see in the photos below. The photos below are published here in the order you would encounter them if you traversed above or below the chutes. The photos toward the bottom of the page are the last cliffs that you will encounter before you leave the Stone Creek area.

The photo below shows the last chutes and cliffs in the Stone Creek area. On the right of the photo you can see the traverse that leads back to the Rose Bowl lift.

beaver creek expert skiing

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