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beaver creek ski jump

Beaver Creek has 1 halfpipe and 4 separate terrain parks that are designed for skiers and riders of all levels.


Park 101 and the Zoom Room are located right next to each other at the top of the Cinch Express Lift. Park 101 has the smallest jumps and rails, and the Zoom Room is a step above Park 101 when it comes to the required skill level. The zoom room has a wide variety of medium-sized terrain park features that you can see in the image gallery above.

The Lumbar Yard is located just above the halfpipe at Beaver Creek. The Lumber Yard and The Rodeo terrain parks are both accessible from the top of the Centennial Express Chairlift.

The Rodeo is the the largest terrain park at Beaver Creek. This park is designed for expert skiers and riders. This is where you will find the biggest jumps and rails at Beaver Creek.

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Beaver Creek Terrain Park