Beaver Creek Skier Parking

Beaver Creek has a variety of free parking and pay parking options. The free parking lots will require a short bus ride to the base area. The pay parking lots will allow you to walk right from your car to the chairlifts in 2-3 minutes.

beaver creek colorado parking lot


beaver creek parking

Beaver Creek Landing Free Parking

After you exit from I-70 and go through a series of roundabouts; you will come to the welcoming gate that you can see in the picture to the right. You can access the free parking lots from rt. 6 without going through this gate, however, first time visitors are usually drawn to this entrance. There is always someone here at the gate that can assist and direct you to any of the parking lots.

The second photo on the right is taken from just inside of the gate entrance. This photo shows the entrance to the Elk Parking Lot (free parking) on the right. You can also continue up the hill and you will see Prater rd. on your right – this is just at the top of the line of flags that you can see in this photo. You will find more free parking down this road. Each of these parking lots is serviced by shuttle buses that will take you up the hill to the ski lifts.

Beaver Creek Village Parking

The road that you see on the right in the second photo will also take you up to Beaver Creek Village. Here you will find 2 pay parking garages where you can park for free for up to 2 hours. This is intended for shoppers to use for parking throughout the day, but skiers can use this area as well.

If you stay longer than 2 hours you can pay up to $33/day. You can also receive valet parking for a fee at the Beaver Creek Village parking garages.


Beaver Creek Ski Vacation Guide

Beaver Creek Parking