The Cache

The Cache at Copper Mountain

The Cache condominium neighborhood is the closest set of condominiums to the West Village base area. Most of these townhomes have their own parking garages, modern contemporary accommodations, and access to the community hot tub that is shared amongst guests at The Cache.

Cache Condominium Details

cache condominium copper mountain

These condominiums are among the higher quality condos that you will find at Copper Mountain. Travelers may rent condos with as many as 3 bedrooms. All units have a 3-sided fireplace surrounded by the kitchen and living room. On-site parking is provided in single space garages for each rental unit. The community hot tub is located no more than 30 seconds away from any condominium on this property.

Condominium Property Amenities

cache condominium hot tub

Photos provided by Copper Mountain

This horseshoe-shaped complex is located just a short walk from the Union Creek base area. There is a shared hot tub in the center of this condominium complex with a changing room beside it. Guests who are staying at The Cache may take the free bus from the Union Creek bus stop to the Copper Mountain Athletic Club.

Cache Condominium Visitor FAQ

Can you walk to the Center Village from The Cache?

Yes, there is a bike/walking path that will take guests to the Center Village. This walk takes approximately 4-5 minutes.

Do these condominiums have great mountain views?

While there is quick/easy access to the ski slopes, most of the views of Copper Mountain are blocked by pine trees. Some condos have great views of the mountains across the valley.

Can you ski directly down to these condominiums?

Yes, there is a bridge that crosses from the ski mountain to this property. All condominiums can be accessed from the slopes with less than 1 minute of walking.

The Cache