Ski in Ski Out Condos

What are some good ski in/ski out condos in Copper?

The thing with ski in/ski out lodging in Copper Mountain (or any hill for that matter) is that you need to define exactly what you mean. True “ski in/ ski out” lodging is very rare, as it needs to be lodging that is right beside the run and that you literally can ski to your front door. These places exist, but they are expensive and they are few.

What most people consider–and what we do as well–to be ski in/ski out lodging is when you don’t have to get into a car or bus to get back to where you’re staying. If I have to walk 200-300 yards, yeah I might not consider that EXACTLY ski in/ski out, but you get my point. Something close. Something convenient.

There isn’t too much traditional Copper Mountain ski in/ski out lodging, but there is some.

Mill Club and Copper One are very close, probably 50 yards from the lifts. Spruce Mountain, Copper Mountain Inn, and The Lodge are a little farther away at 75-100 yards. Those are the closest. As you get farther away, you get a little nicer stuff for a little more walk.

Copper Mountain Lodging