Beginner Skiing

Beginner Skiing at Keystone

Keystone is a ski resort that is made for beginners just as much as it is made for advanced skiers and riders. Almost the entire front side of this ski resort is covered with beginner ski trails. Check out the details and photos below of Keystone’s easiest and most popular beginner ski trails.

Some of Dercum Mountain (Keystone’s main mountain) has some blue square ski trails that are intended for intermediate skiers, but these are still relatively easy ski trails.

beginner ski area


When you first exit the River Run Gondola, Summit Express Quad Chair, or the Montezuma Express; ski to your right and head down the ski trail; Schoolmarm (Pictured Above). This is a beginner ski trail that you can ski all the way to the bottom of Keystone, or you can use it to gain access to some of the other beginner ski trails.

From the top of the mountain (by following Schoolmarm briefly) you can ski down a trail called: Toads. This will intersect with Spring Dipper about half way down the mountain. This is another route that beginners can use to ski down the mountain.

If you are a beginner, be sure to avoid some of the black diamond trails that are located underneath of the Peru Express quad chair. Expert trails like Last Hoot are too steep for most beginners to ski down.

There is plenty of expert skiing in the Rocky Mountains, but there are also lots of ski resorts that are designed for beginner skiers. Check out the list of the best ski resorts for beginners in Colorado.

Beginner Ski Lesson Zones

The area below is located at the top of the Schoolmarm trail, near the top of Dercum Mountain. Beginners can easily access this area from the River Run Gondola with no difficulty. There are also similar beginner skiing/lesson areas at the gondola mid-station and the Mountain House base area.

beginner ski lesson area

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