Recommended Keystone Restaurants

While Keystone is close to Breck, it has its own vibe, both on the hill and at the table. There is not a ton of Keystone restaurants, but the best ones are close to the base at River Run. Many of these spots have outdoor seating for those who are running hot from skiing like mad, but all have indoor seating as well. Dillon and Silverthorne are going to have more dining and more options than at either base area or in town, and they both are just a few minutes drive from Keystone. Listed below are some of our favorites. There are more than just these, but this list should get you started.

9280 Tap House – Above Takeout, Below Upscale – $3-$20/per

Enjoy the end of a ski day by stopping in at the 9280 Tap House. Happy hour is offered between 3p-6p every day.

Adriano’s Bistro & Deli – In Dillon – $5-$20/person

After a long day of hitting the slopes, Adriano’s Bistro Deli provides a delicious meal for one affordable price.

Fiesta Jalisco – Silverthorne Mexican – $5-$20/person

With plenty of seating, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and homemade chips and salsa at every table, you will enjoy your trip to Fiesta Jalisco.

Goat Soup & Whiskey – Bar Service – $3-$9/person

Goat Soup and Whiskey is more than your small town bar and restaurant.

New Moon Café – Breakfast & Lunch in Keystone – $5-$15/person

The New Moon Café is one of the best family-friendly, casual-dining options in Keystone.

Nick-N-Willy’s Pizza – Take-n-Bake Pizza – $4-$25/person

Nick-N-Willy’s Pizza is a local franchise that offers both freshly baked pizzas as well as take-and-bake pizzas.

Nozawa – Fresh Sushi in the Silverthorne – $9-$40/person

If you’re looking for a great Asian meal in Dillon, then Nozawa is the right spot.

Pizza on the Run – Great Pizza in Keystone – $5-$30/person

When you’re visiting the Keystone area, you’re bound to be recommended for a meal at Pizza on the Run.

Pug Ryan’s Steakhouse & Brewery – Steaks in Dillon – $10-$35/per

When you’re looking for a great steakhouse with personality as well as a great local brew, then Pug Ryan’s is the place to be.

Red Mountain Grill – Great Bar/Grill in Dillon – $5-$25/person

Red Mountain Grill is a great grill and bar atmosphere where you can splurge on happy hour specials like no other in Dillon.

Smiling Moose Deli – Burgers & Sandies – $5-$10/person

Smiling Moose Deli is known for their delicious sandwich and burger options.

Spooners – Froyo in Keystone – $3-$7 per person

One thing to keep an eye out at Spooners is the way you get your yogurt and the price.

Sunshine Café – Local’s Breakfast & Lunch in Key – $2-$12/person

The Sunshine Café is committed to providing delicious, fresh food every day. You can enjoy a wide range of food choices to keep you full.

Taco Tequila Restaurant – Tacos in Dillon – $5-$19/person

Tacos Tequilas is a proud member of the Dillon community and is located near shops and other Dillon-area entertainment.

Keystone Restaurants