Little Mammoth Steakhouse

Little Mammoth Steakhouse

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 315 Gateway Building, Snowmass Village Mall (Snowmass Village)

Hours: 5p-10p


Hidden away in the Snowmass Village Mall, the Little Mammoth Steakhouse is a place like no other if you want to get a great steak. If you’ve been looking for a unique experience in a steakhouse, then this could be what you were looking for. The atmosphere is light and steaks are brought out on a slab of salt for a unique experience you will not find elsewhere. The service is excellent, all of their wait staff is attentive and prompt, guiding you through the meal without the feeling of being pushy.

This restaurant makes for a great end to a day of shopping or skiing alike with many great menu options as well as a full service bar with excellent bartenders. If you are looking for a place to get appetizers, drinks and just kill a few hours of your afternoon, then you might find yourself enjoying time at the bar–drinking a delicious glass of wine with a creative dish to munch on.

What They’re Known for: The most memorably part of visiting Little Mammoth Steakhouse tends to be the steaks, which are cooked to order and, again, presented on a salt slab rather than a plate.

What to Watch for: The prices are quite high at Little Mammoth Steakhouse. On the other hand, everything is ordered a la carte. This makes for personalized dish combinations as well as an easy opportunity to share dishes.

Price: $15-$75

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Little Mammoth Steakhouse