Nest Public Lounge

Nest Public Lounge

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 130 Wood Rd, Snowmass Village

Hours: 7a-7p (varies)


The Nest Public Lounge is a quaint little lunch spot located on a mountain and inside of a hotel. If you are looking for a great bite to eat to break up your skiing day a little bit then this can be the best place to do it. They can get a little crowded and a little behind on busy days, so if you do plan to go, try to make sure you are not in a rush to get anywhere specific after lunch. The service though a little slow, is always attentive and very knowledgeable of the menu as well as the wine list, able to help you make a great selection.

The food at the Nest is excellent – there is a wide variety of styles of food considering the small menu. This restaurant is not only great for couples but is also very family friendly, so it makes a great stop for just about everyone. The Nest features a fire place to get warm as well as an outside seating area for those who are enjoying the fresh air too much to go inside. If you are looking for a place with great eats’ and great atmosphere then the Nest Public Lounge should be your next lunch stop.

What They’re Known for: The “gastro pub experience” with a full selection of Colorado beers and comfort foods.

What to Watch for: Since the Nest Public Lounge is found inside of a hotel, they can often find themselves a little understaffed. Be prepared for potentially slow dining service.

Price: $10-$20

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Nest Public Lounge