The Edge

The Edge

TripAdvisor Rating:4.0

Address: 690 Carriage Way, Snowmass Village, CO (across from parking lot #13)

Hours: 4a-9p


Hitting the slopes can work up an appetite. Go to The Edge, the one place where service is always welcoming and helpful, where the portions are generous and the food is delicious. With a chef’s secret of adding love to each of the dishes prepared, they touch your taste buds like no other in the area. Nestled away in a condo complex on a hill, you might miss this hidden gem if you didn’t know it existed. Escargot, lamb shank and Nero pasta are just a couple of the dishes being offered, with the rest just as different as the first. With a restaurant portion to dine in, or a bar to sit and enjoy a meal, appetizers or a cold beer; there is plenty of seating for a family or a couple.

What They’re Known for: A changing menu happens each and every day to make this interesting and surprising. Try something new, or go with one of the tried and true favorites that remains a classic on the menu. You never know what is going to be added for the day, so stop back and check when you’d like to think out of the box.

What to Watch for: If you’re visiting with a large group, it is recommended that you call ahead. It is a popular place with great meals, but the seating may have to be arranged to accommodate your group. In order to skip the wait time, call ahead to get in sooner and give the wait staff a heads up about your large group of people coming in.

Price: $8-$30+

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The Edge