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Steamboat Lift Tickets Deals 2019-2020 Ski Season

The Steamboat lift tickets prices have not yet been announced for the full season. 3-day tickets are shown below, as they are ready for the 2019-2020 ski season. As a rule, early season prices (from Nov 26 to around Dec 1) are quite a bit cheaper than regular season prices, which is why those 3-day tickets might seem like a steal for this amazing mountain. Prices for ski passes during the Holidays, typically from Dec 16 – Jan 4 are the highest they will be all season. The regular season prices will be from Dec 1 – Dec 16, and Jan 5 – Mid March. Often, prices will decrease at the end of the season, much like at the beginning, but that all depends on the snow and the project close date.

If you only learn one thing about Steamboat Springs lift tickets, make sure it’s to buy online and in advance. The absolute highest price you can pay for ski passes, is at the ticket window in Steamboat. So never wait until you get there. Buy at least 7 days in advance online. You will save a ton.

Lift Ticket Category Regular Season Ski Rental Deals
Adults (Ages 13+) $135
Children (Age 6-12) $79
Senior (70+) $125



This is the rate for adult 3-day Steamboat lift tickets during the REGULAR season. The prices are shown on a 3-day basis like this so that you can get a view of the how these prices shift in bulk. Shockingly, there is no additional discount for number of days this year. Most all of us are used to a little break when we ski for a few days, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with Steamboat Springs lift tickets anymore. Be advised.

Lift Ticket Category 3-Day Regular Season Lift Ticket Deals
Adults $405


Steamboat Springs Lift Tickets Deals

If you are new to Steamboat, here is a quick rundown about this ski area and answers to some of the questions that people tend to ask.

Steamboat Springs is the town. Steamboat is the ski resort. Steamboat Springs lift tickets don’t exist or rather they are not different from lift tickets to Steamboat. These are just different names people use when talking about the same thing. (Often, people think they have to buy ski passes to both Winter Park AND Mary Jane, but they are the same place.) So don’t be fooled. If you are skiing in Steamboat, there is only one place and only one ticket to buy.

Children under 5 ski for free at Steamboat. This ski resort also allows kids between the ages of 6-12 to ski for free with the purchase of an adult ski pass. Steamboat is one of the best family ski resorts in Colorado, and this is just one of the many reasons why.

3+ day passes include an off day. If you buy a 3 or 4-day pass you will be able to take 1 day off from skiing without wasting a lift ticket. The 5+ day passes allow you to take two days off. This means if you buy a 5 day pass, you can use it over the course of 7 days. To be clear, you don’t have to take an off day, but Steamboat does this so that if you get a little sore or just feel like hanging in the hot springs or just taking some down time, that you can do it without losing a day on your ski pass.

Extended Vacation Discounts

If you buy a ski pass for more than six (6) days at Steamboat, the price is reduced to usually around $161/day; however, this price varies depending on the available deals. Another one of the best ways to save money on lift tickets is to buy ski packages that bundle lift tickets with ski lodging. You can view lift ticket package deals through the link below. But if you are only planning for a ski vacation that is less than six days, consider that you aren’t saving money buying in bulk. If you happen to get injured or just don’t feel like skiing, you could be out that money for the lift tickets you don’t use. So think ahead, especially if you aren’t in great shape or haven’t been on the slopes in a while.

Steamboat Night Skiing

The 2013-2014 season was the grand entrance of night skiing at Steamboat. You heard us. Skiing, at night. In Steamboat. Except for the Holiday season (Dec 16 through Jan 5) when this option will be available every night, Steamboat night skiing will only be available on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday nights through March 30. The Christie Peak Express chairlift will reopen from 530-830 and allow access to all levels of terrain, so any level of skier or boarder can enjoy the runs at night–with ample trail lighting, of course. Starting on Feb 20, night skiing will be open from 600-900pm. Tickets are $29 for adults/seniors. You can purchase tickets ONLY for night skiing, but it is unclear at the time of this posting if night skiing is included as part of a day pass.

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