Ski and Snowboard Parking at Steamboat

steamboat springs parking

Free Skier Parking

Steamboat has 2 free parking lots for skiers and riders. The Knoll Parking Lot is located just a few hundred yards away from the base of the ski slopes and is easily within walking distance. You can see this lot in the photo to the right.

There is also a free parking lot located at the bottom of Mt. Werner Rd. right near the exit from rt. 40. You can take a free shuttle bus from this parking lot up to the base of the mountain. This bus ride is only a few minutes long and you usually never have to wait more than 5-7 minutes for a bus to arrive.

Pay Parking at Steamboat

There are 3 pay parking lots located near the base of the Steamboat Ski Resort. The Gondola Square parking garage is located just a few steps away from the Gondola. There is also a second parking garage just a 3-5 minute walk away from the ski lifts.

The third paid parking lot is located near the base of the Christie II ski lift. This parking lot will let you walk right from your car onto the ski slopes.

All of the paid parking lots cost $15/day.

steamboat parking


Steamboat Skier Parking