Steamboat Hot Tubs

These 9 hot tubs in steamboat will relax you instantly…

By Matt Myers

Published 2.27.2014

And the views aren’t bad either.

We crawled all over Steamboat Mountain this week in search of the best hot tubbing in town. While the best place to soak after a hard day skiing is likely your own private tub, a few Steamboat hot tubs are a cut above the rest. Here they are.


Edgemont Steamboat Hot Tub

Edgemont is definitely the best place on skier’s left. A big pool with a large kidney hot tub to match, with views over Christie base area and mountains across the valley. 

Christie Club

Hot Tub at Christie Club Steamboat

This condo club on far skier’s right has it all figured out. With some casual but effective string lights and just steps from the hill, it’s tempting to want to get up to your armpits in their evening suds. But I think you have to be invited.

Sheraton Steamboat Villas

Sheraton Steamboat Villas Hot Tub

From the 8th floor rooftop of the Sheraton Villas you can see pretty much the whole base area, valley, and possibly Routt County. The bars might julienne your view, but it’s a worthy trade-off for safety after a few drinks in the bubbles.

Old Town Hot Springs

Old Town Hot Springs Steamboat

Old Town is a public spot for Steamboat hot tubs with four pools, water slides, even a lap pool. Primarily a family spot–complete with fitness center and massages–but don’t worry if you crave some adult time. That heart-shaped pool is adult-only. Don’t read too much into that.

Antlers at Christie Base

Antlers at Christie Base Hot Tub

I stayed at Antlers in 1999, and it has only improved since, with a great hot tub and pool area that you can literally ski right up to. Don’t wear your skis in the pool, though. I learned that the hard way back in the days when The Inferno was the place to be.

Steamboat Grand

Steamboat Grand Hot Tub

Located just on the other side of Mt. Werner Circle, this is a big hotel with the largest hot tubs going. They have two, and the biggest has this handy center island where you can sit down your drink. If they only had a bartender on that island.

One Steamboat Place

One Steamboat Place Hot Tubs

Just steps from Christie Base Area, One Steamboat Place is a giant palace with an oasis of three hot tubs, just in case you want to be social–but not too social. Great lighting and tile work will wash away those bruises and bumps from the bumps.

The Porches

The Porches Hot Tub

Luxury with a little elbow room, The Porches is a few blocks away from the base area, but these luxury homes and their hot tub give you the feeling of soaking on your own ranch, a half-mile away from your nearest neighbor. Celebrities have stayed here. We won’t say who. (It was Justin Timberlake.)

Sheraton Steamboat

Steamboat Sheraton Hot Tubs

The Steamboat Sheraton is the closest you can get to the hill, and their hot tub delivers on that promise of snuggling up to the base. With two deep tubs looking right up into the amazing new night skiing. You won’t hate it one bit.

What Steamboat Hot Tubs Did We Miss?

You can’t swing a broken ski pole in Steamboat without hitting a hot tub, but if we missed some that should be on this list, leave us a note on Facebook and tell us where they are (and invite us over). Then next time we are in town, we will provide an update to our Best Steamboat Hot Tubs list.

Note. We purposefully excluded Strawberry Park, but only because we couldn’t reach it by car. We hear it is amazing and clothing optional. Yowee.

Best Hot Tubs in Steamboat