Listen. Driving to Sunlight is a little tricky. I got lost my first time. But we will get through this. Things are not well marked and when they are marked, the signs are small and easy to miss. So don’t expect much or any signage along the way. Just trust Colorado Ski Authority. We totally won’t kill you. Mostly.

From Downtown Glenwood Springs

Sunlight Mountain Resort is just south of Glenwood Springs and then back toward the west a little. So if you are coming from I-70, no matter from which direction, once you get to Glenwood Springs, these are the directions you will need.

1. Head South onto Grand Avenue/Highway 82. You will go over the bridge and through the rest of town.

2. R on 27th Street. If you see a McDonalds or a Pizza Hut, you have gone too far. Turn around. If you can see planes flying to your right, turn around.

3. On 27th Street you will head straight over the river and into a roundabout or traffic circle or rotary or whirligig or whatever you call them where you’re from. And this is where it can get tricky because of the aforementioned lousy signage. You want to take the 2nd turn onto South Midland Ave/County Road 117.

If you go right on the first Midland Ave, it is going to wind you around the mountain and back toward town. If you pass Yampah High School or hit the Petco, you have gone in the wrong direction. Turn around and take the first right in the roundabout/lazy Susan.

4. You’ll stay on South Midland for about a mile. There will be a fork in the road and a stop sign. Left is Airport Road. You know where that leads. Right is Four Mile Road/County Road 117. So go right. If you get to the airport, turn around, then go left at the stop sign. We tried to tell you.

5. If you made it to Four Mile Road/117, you’re home. Just stay on this road for about 10 miles and you will run into Sunlight Mountain Resort.

From Aspen/Carbondale

1. Head north on Highway 82 toward Glenwood Springs.

2. After you pass the McDonalds/Pizza Hut, start paying attention. You are looking for 27th Street. Take a left. Then follow the directions above starting at #3.

From Denver/Vail/Breck

1. Head west on I-70 toward Glenwood Springs.

2. Take Exit 116 toward Glenwood Springs/Aspen. You will have to turn right a couple times to get headed south, but you are looking for Grand Ave/Highway 82 and you want to head south on it.

3. Follow the directions above from Glenwood Springs, starting at #2.

From Grand Junction

1. Take I-70 East toward Glenwood Springs.

2. Take Exit 116 toward Glenwood Springs/Aspen.

3. Go under I-70 and then make two rights to go back over I-70. I know. It’s confusing. You are looking for Grand Avenue/Hwy 82 south.

4. Follow the directions above from Glenwood Springs, starting at #2.

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Sunlight Driving Directions