Terrain Park

Sunlight Terrain Park

We are going to put some stuff here about the terrain parks at Sunlight. It’s gonna rock so hard. Just give us a second, okay? Gah.

The terrain park at Sunlight Mountain, also called the Meier Pump Haus, is located just a little uphill from the Primo Chairlift and boarder’s left. You can access it from any of the lifts, and you can even walk up to it pretty quickly. The Pump Haus has two main features that anyone wanting to get radical is going to love. First, there are plenty of different rails and jumps and on a pretty decent pitch if you are looking for air. Second, is that the crowds are low here. It won’t be like Area 51 or in Breck, where you spend more of your time getting cold waiting on your turn. You won’t have a chance to get cold.

Best path

Once you shoot through the terrain park you will essentially be at the base. Just take the Segundo Chair back up, and once you jump off, head straight boarder’s left without giving up any downhill and you’ll be ready to take another run.

sunlight mountain terrain park features

Sunlight Mountain has set this terrain park up pretty well, so that you can choose your destiny and put together a different ride nearly every time down. They have rails on both sides, and while the THREE jumps get bigger as you go down, you can choose to go small, medium, or big depending on which part of the jump you take.

For rails, they have a 30′ rainbow rail, a flat box, a small rainbow rail, digital dimensions down box, large battleship box, and a down box. They are all named for some sponsor, but it’s hard to keep track of which is which.

We swear that we have pictures and video of this place, but the file sizes are too large. So I’ve got some work to do. But hopefully soon, you’ll have the goods.

Sunlight Terrain Park