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The only place in Glenwood Springs to book Sunlight ski rentals online.

The first thing you need to know is that there are no on mountain ski rentals in Sunlight. All of the closest Sunlight ski rental shops are in Glenwood Springs. So if you drive all the way up without gear, you will have to head back down. Then back up again. Then back down. Nobody wants that. Don’t leave Glenwood Springs without your gear.

There are three places to rent skis in Glenwood Springs that we recommend.

We first recommend Mountain Sports Outlet because they are part of The advantage here is that Rentskis has locations all over the state, so they can wield the power of volume to save you money when renting skis for Sunlight Mountain skiing. The other advantage is that you can book online. This is a particular advantage when you have a family or a big group because the time in the store is so much quicker when you have already selected your sizes, skier types, ski/snowboard preferenece, etc. So if price is a big concern, this is most likely the cheapest option.

But if you are thinking about Sunlight Mountain and want to make sure that they are always here, then rent from Sunlight Ski & Bike. They are owned, in part, by Sunlight Mountain Resort and spending here, instead of with anyone else, helps ensure the success and longevity of this great hill.

Not to be outdone, Blue Sky Ski Rental & Repair is your hometown shop. This is buying local and it also supports Sunlight, even if the ski rental monies don’t flow into their registers. Blue Sky is a locally-owned, family shop that has been in business here since 1986. If you have a question about skiing, no doubt Jerry Butler, the owner, can answer it. If he can’t, you probably don’t need to know.

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Christy Sports Ski Rentals | Save 20%

Enjoy our 20% Off discount at any Christy Sports location across the state.

Additional Sunlight Mountain Ski Rental Options

If you are traveling in from outside the Sunlight/Glenwood Springs area, consider Christy SportsThey have about a million locations across Colorado and Utah. If you book from the Colorado Ski Authority site, you will save an additional 20% off their already low prices. More than that though, you can pick up and drop off your gear at any of their locations, which can make this a pretty great option if you fly into Aspen or Denver and are driving around the state and skiing in more places than just Sunlight.

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