Parking at Sunlight Mountain Resort

There are two main parking lots at Sunlight Mountain Resort, and they are both FREE. As you enter the area, you will be in the Upper Lot and the slopes will be on your right. In this picture, the car driving on the oad has just entered the Upper Lot. You can park on either side of the lot, wherever there is space. There is an easy slope that you can walk up, pictured in the foreground. The Upper Lot is not very big, but the spots in it are primo.

Sunlight mountain parking upper lot

Sunlight Mountain Lower Parking Lot

I really don’t know why I’m referring to them as Upper and Lower. They are the same lot, and on the same plane. But I’m sticking with it. Sue me. The Lower Lot is farther skier’s right on the hill and it is quite a bit bigger. It ends basically at the drive up to the Brettelburg Condos. There is a staircase (pictured) here that, once climbed, will put you in the base area. 

Sunlight mountain lower parking lot

The staircase might be hard to see from that far away, but here is what you are looking for. You can’t miss it:

Sunlight parking lot walk up

Sunlight Mountain Overflow Parking

When we were there it was mid-week at the end of February, and as you can see from the pictures above, it wasn’t crowded. But I can imagine that on weekends, and especially when the snow is good, that these lots fill up fast. While I don’t have a definite answer, it seemed like there was room to park on the side of the road near the mountain. Sunlight Mountain is pretty laid back, so it’s stands to reason that they aren’t going to throw a fit about this, just be careful not to park in front of a driveway or in such a way that people would take a picture of your bad parking job and load it to imgur. People who park like that, will likely get a ticket. From me: Citizens Parking Police. I’m the chief.

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