TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

Address: 282 Dillon Ridge Rd, Dillon

Hours: Open Monday–Friday 10:30a–9:30p, Saturday and Sunday 12p–10:30p


If you’re from a coastal area such as California or Florida and you love sushi, then you know what great sushi tastes like. Nozawa has some of the freshest sushi offered in Colorado, prepared each day. This is a typical Japanese Steakhouse style restaurant where they cook all the food at your table for your entertainment which makes for a great evening meal for families or couples.

The service is generally very attentive, though everyone has their off days. Their chefs are knowledgeable and able to answer any questions you have and they will do their best to accommodate conditions such as gluten intolerance. They have many great Asian dishes aside from their large sushi offering so there is something for everyone on this menu. If you’re looking for a great Asian meal in Dillon, then Nozawa is the right spot. However you should be aware it’s a bit pricey, though in line with most similar places in Colorado.

What They’re Known for: As far as sushi restaurants go in the area of Dillon, one of the best known restaurants is Nozawa. They offer a large selection of delicious, freshly prepared sushi which is easily their most popular and memorable dish.

What to Watch for: Nozawa is notorious for having rather high end prices for their sushi and other Asian plates, however they do their best to provide generous portions for the price.

Price: $9-$40

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