Non-Skiing Activities

What activities other than skiing exist in Winter Park?

While skiing is far and away the most popular and main reason that people come to Winter Park, there are activities other than skiing in Winter Park if you happen to be one of the unlucky people who happen to either not like skiing/boarding or otherwise cannot get on the hill.

There is tubing at the Fraser Tubing Hill. This is good family fun that doesn’t require any of the skills of skiing. A little lift takes you up, then just sit or lay down, and enjoy.

There is some decent cross country skiing if downhill isn’t your thing.

There are a fair amount of restaurants and bars, some nice, some passable. Winter Park doesn’t have the apres ski scene of Breck or Telluride, but it’s decent enough.

There are a decent amount of shops, but most of them are skiing related. Think ski gear and clothes. But there are a small number of galleries.

And there are plenty of spas for massages or outdoor heated pools. Yoga studios. And as always in Colorado, some great scenery if you want to spend some quiet moments reading.

Winter Park Activities