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Winter Park has 7 terrain parks that are designed for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities.

You will find mini-parks scattered around the easiest parts of the mountain and you will also find advanced terrain parks like Dark Territory where you will need a special pass just to gain access to the park.

Check out the details below to some of the terrain parks at Winter Park. You can also find some of the other best terrain parks in Colorado here; Colorado Terrain Parks.


Dark Territory (Large)

This is the most advanced terrain park at Winter park and this is where you will find the largest jumps and the most difficult features. Before you enter the park you will need to watch a short safety video and sign a waiver. This will allow you to obtain a special pass that will give you access to the Dark Territory terrain park.

The limited park access creates a safer environment and reduces the crowds in this terrain park. It is usually easy to ski through the park without having to stop and wait in line for any jumps.

advanced expert terrain park

The Railyard (Large)

terrain park

This isn’t even the largest terrain park at Winter Park, but some of the features here are still bigger and better than the average ski resort in Colorado.

The Railyard is located above the Dark Territory terrain park and you can access this park from the top of the Zephyr Express.

The Railyard has medium and large park features, and this is also where you will find the halfpipe.

This terrain park has several rails that are modeled after actual rails that you can find in the city of Denver.

Re-Railer Terrain Park (Medium)

terrain park

This terrain park is located above the Discovery Park beginner skiing area. Most of the features here are medium-sized, but this terrain park is not as large as the Railyard park that is located nearby. Most of the rails and features in this park are still unsuitable for beginners.

You can access this park from the top of the Zephyr Express Chairlift. You will usually not be able to get to this terrain park from the Prospector Express lift because the Nastar course and Dark Territory terrain park will be blocking the way.

Beginner Terrain Parks

There are several terrain parks located around Winter Park that are designed for beginners and skiers who are new to the terrain park environment.

You can even find a small terrain park (Bouncer) near the base of the Zephyr Express that doesn’t even require a lift ticket. This is located on a small incline near some of the village shops in the base area. In the photo below you can see the Starter Park; located next to the Snoasis mid-mountain lodge and below the Dark Territory terrain park.

terrain park
Winter Park Terrain Park