Winter Park Shuttles & Travel Information

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Powderhound Transportation

This mountain shuttle company provides transportation services to Winter Park from the Denver International Airport. Shuttles are all privately booked for your own travel party. Powderhound Transportation will take you directly to your final destination without having to stop or wait for other travelers. Please use the referral code: “colorado-authority” through the link below. This will get you a 5% discount on your reservation.


Winter Park Free Bus Transportation

There are plenty of places to stay at Winter Park that are located on or near the local bus routes. There is also a lot of Free Parking at the mountain base area for those who choose to drive a vehicle to the ski resort.

Winter Park Free Bus Routes

There is a free bus system that transports skiers and snowboarders between the Winter Park ski resort, the nearby town, and also the Town of Frasier.

Buses will regularly depart from the mountain village bus station and you can travel to most of the nearby condo complexes and lodges from here. You can see the main base area bus station in the photo at the top of this page. The bus station is about a 3-5 minute walk away from the bottom of the ski slopes.

Winter Park Transportation and Travel FAQ

Where can I find a bus schedule for Winter Park?

You can view a full schedule and bus route map here: Winter Park Free Bus Info.

Is there an airport close to this ski resort?

The closest major airport to Winter Park is the Denver International Airport. This airport is located approximately 1.5 hours from the ski resort.

How often does the road to Winter Park (Berthoud Pass) close?

This mountain pass will close occasionally during significant snowstorms. This road is usually cleared of snow and is safe to drive by the time a storm is over.

What are the travel options from Winter Park to Denver?

Trains, shuttles, and automobiles. Those aren’t pillows.

Do I need a car in Winter Park?

I don’t know. DO you? No, seriously. You don’t need a car.

How is the Drive from Denver to Winter Park?

It’s alright. Very acceptable.

Winter Park Shuttles