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Discount Winter Park Ski Rentals

There are tons of places to rent skis and snowboarding equipment in Winter Park, but the ones we have listed below are the few and proud that we would recommend. If you reserve online from the links we have below, you will get the online discounts that we provide for our users. Just reserve your gear at least 24 hours in advance, show up, and grab your gear. It’s really that simple to save 20% off your bill, which for most families is about $80.

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Christy Sports Rentals | 20% Discount

The Christy Sports rental store is located a short drive away from the Winter Park resort (at Cooper Creek Square). Premium ski rentals are available for under $30/day. There are equipment rental packages available for adults, children, and snowboarders here. You can save 20% by booking your reservations online through the link below.


Door to Door Ski & Snowboard Rental Delivery | 20% Discount

Their name says it all. They are a division of Christy Sports, so we are sure they are good. This model of delivering skis right to your door is becoming very popular, especially with the quick 2-3 day vacation folks who don’t have time to waste on this stuff. This is a great option in Winter Park and something you will see more of in the coming years, as more families are on the go.

Here is the address – not that you will ever need to use it: 78930 U.S. 40 Unit 112, Winter Park 80482


Winter Park Ski Rental Wisdom

You would be wrong to think that we don’t still rent skis from time to time. So we still have our finger on the pulse of what it’s like, the pitfalls to avoid, and how to make the most of the experience. So here are things we think you should know about renting skis in Winter Park.

First. The bros who work in any ski shop–anywher, not just Winter Park–are cooler than you. Or at least they think they are. There is no way to talk them out of this. And there is no cool reference you can get or joke to tell to get on their good side. They would rather be skiing, but they have to work this job, Gah!, so they can ski as much as they can. They are going to be in another place mentally. I doubt they will remember your name. So just answer their questions. Don’t try to speak their language. Just get your gear and go. And they will probably hit on your daughter in the most casual way that you won’t even detect.

Second. There are three places that are considered to be a rip-off when renting skis, depending on how you think.

  • #1 – Damage Waiver. This is going to be around $3/day per skier, and it is just insurance for loss or damage. Actuaries would never buy this because the rate is too high, but if you are all worried about the total cost of the skis–which will be inflated if they are damaged–and how much of a bad time you would have if you had to replace them, just buck up the extra coin. But if everyone skis well and stays in bounds, you shouldn’t need it.
  • #2 – Poles. Here’s the rub on poles. If you buy your own, it doesn’t really save you that much off your rentals to make that purchase mean much of anything. This is a dark spot in the ski rental game. Our advice here? Just rent the poles.
  • #3 – Helmets. Renting a helmet is often a losing proposition. You can get them for relatively cheap and often nearly pay them off in one vacation. Helmets can be used for other activities besides skiing. They pack pretty well and aren’t that bulky. Most ski rental shops will charge between $8-$12/day for a helmet. And do you really want to pay to put your head on where someone else’s sweaty hair has been? If so, I have some bowling shoes I could sell you.

Third. Boots are the main source of your happiness. So even if you are a Level I Skier, you might tell them you are a Level II or just pay more for the premium or demo packages. The boots will be better and you will be happier as you ski and, more importantly, after you ski.

Fourth. Don’t rent from any place that doesn’t have an office close to the mountain. If you break a ski or your bindings give out, you don’t want to pack up and drive back to town to get it fixed. And you don’t want to pay someone else to fix skis you don’t own. So even if you are pennywise and rent your skis in Denver to save money, make sure they have a shop on the mountain. Trust us. If you have to leave the mountain for a fix, you are going to miss at least a half day of skiing. Plus, you are just going to be in a bad mood.

Fifth. Well, that’s pretty much it.

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