Beginner Skiing

Beginner Skiing Areas at Winter Park

winter park easy ski trails

Winter Park is one of the best ski resorts in Colorado for beginner skiers. There is more easy ski terrain here than any other mountain and that makes this a popular ski resort for families with children.

In addition to the areas that are designated for the ski school, Winter Park has 2 skiing areas that are made specifically for beginners and first-time skiers.

You will find information below about the 2 beginner skiing areas; Sorenson Park and Discovery Park.

Beginners are not confined to the base of the mountain at Winter Park. There are easy ski trails leading all the way from the top of Mary Jane to the bottom of the mountain.

Sorenson Park Beginner Skiing Area

You can see Sorenson Park in the 2 photos below. This beginner ski terrain includes 2 surface carpets and the Poma surface lift that you can see in the foreground.

Discovery Park Beginner Skiing

You will need to ride one of the chairlifts that ascends from the main base area at Winter Park if you want to gain access to Discovery Park. There are easy ski trails all the way down and this is an extremely easy area of the mountain to ski on. Lots of beginner ski lesson groups come to Discovery park and there is a chairlift that is dedicated for this part of the mountain.

winter park easy ski trails


winter park beginner ski trails


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Winter Park Beginner Ski Trails