The Winter Park Restaurant Scene

There’s a few things you need to keep straight about Winter Park restaurants. While they all might be listed under the heading of “Winter Park”, they could be located in one of five places: the Mary Jane Base, Winter Park Base, town of Winter Park, town of Fraser, and Tabernash. We make every effort to help you understand where to go, but be sure to double check. None of these places are far apart, but it could be the difference between walking and driving, depending on where you are staying. The Winter Park restaurant scene is pretty solid. It is a family resort, so their main thrust is for affordable food in big portions. There are some fine dining spots mixed in and some fast food for the college kids trying to stretch a dime, but essentially every spot is catering to the active family. You probably won’t eat anywhere here that will blow your mind, but nothing is likely to disappoint you either.

Back Bowl Soup Company – Comfort Food in WP – $6-$15/person

The Back Bowl Soup Company is within walking distance of the slopes, making it a perfect place to sit down for a warm cup of soup after a day of skiing.

Carver’s – Breakfast in Winter Park – $4-$10/person

Carver’s is a favorite breakfast spot for both locals and tourists.

Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Café – Slopeside – $10-$30/person

As you might expect, The Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Café is known for their extensive selection of imported Belgian beers.

Da Vinci – Winter Park Fine Dining – $10-$35/person

Da Vinci is a European restaurant nestled in the heart of Cooper Square.

De Antonio’s – Brooklyn Style Pizza – $6-$22/person

Instantly travel to New York with De Antonio’s Pizza and Pasta.

Fontenots – Seafood in Winter Park – $8-$30/person

Don’t tell anybody at Fontenot’s that you can’t get good seafood in Colorado. Starting with fresh, quality ingredients, this restaurant offers Cajun-style cuisine.

Goody’s Mountain Creperie – Slopeside – $8-$12/person

Goody’s Mountain Creperie in-house bakery ensures additive-free food that is fresh and hot every time.

Deno’s Mountain Bistro – Upscale WP Dining – $10-$40/person

Deno’s Mountain Bistro is a signature bistro dining experience. It combines an upscale atmosphere with a crowd-pleasing menu selection.

Hernando’s Pizza Pub – Best Pizza in Winter Park – $5-$20/person

Hernando’s Pizza Pub is a local joint that is known for their delicious Italian pizzas.

Julio’s Mexican Grill – Big Portion Mexican Food – $10/person

Julio’s Mexican Grill is a special treat when visiting the Winter Park area

Lime Mexican Cantina – Slopeside – $5-$20/person

Lime is a delicious Mexican restaurant located in Winter Park. The food is prepared fresh from scratch on a daily basis.

Mountain Grind – Try the Fudge – $3-$15/person

Mountain Grind’s signature slogan is “unwind at the grind,” and that is exactly what you will do while here.

New Hong Kong Chinese – Winter Park – $7-$30/person

If you are looking for a delicious restaurant to unwind after a day on the slopes, the New Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant is the place.

Pepe Osaka’ Fishtaco – Great Tacos in Vail – $7-$20/person

If you’re a fan of fish tacos then you really won’t want to miss out on eating at Pepe Osaka’s Fishtaco Tequila Bar and Grill.

Pizza Pedal’r – Solid Vail Pizza – $5-$25/person

No matter which way you choose to enjoy Pizza Pedal’rs, they have some amazing pizza combos to try, or you can build your own.

Randi’s Grill & Pub – Vail Irish Pub – $7-$30/person

While you’re staying in Winter Park, you will have dozens of different dining options available, but one of the most unique is Randi’s Grill & Pub.

Rise & Shine Bakery Café – WP Baked Goods – $2-$15/person

Rise & Shine Bakery Café is still, perhaps, best known for their assortment of fresh and delectable baked goods.

Rudi’s Deli – Solid Sandies in Winter Park – $5-$15/person

For those who live locally and those visiting the Winter Park area, Rudi’s Deli is generally on the list for at least one meal.

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