Disabled Skiing

Winter Park National Sport Center for the Disabled

Winter Park is well known for is adaptive skiing program. This program is designed to safely and comfortably bring disabled adults and children onto the ski slopes.

Sports Center Facilities for Disabled Skiers

This wing of the National Sports Center for the Disabled is located in a building at the base of Winter Park. The adaptive skiing facility has equipment that can accommodate a wide variety of disabilities. This facility frequently works with blind skiers and skiers who have amputated limbs.

Disabled Skiing Programs

Lessons and assistance are offered on an individual and group lesson basis. Families of any size are welcome to book a family lesson; this is sometimes recommended so that family members can learn how to assist with the special equipment that is used to ski. Many families enjoy this opportunity because it is a unique experience, that often turns into a life-long passion and obsession.

There are also several adaptive skiing groups that meet on a weekly basis throughout the winter. These lesson groups will typically have several skiers/riders with similar disabilities in a group setting.

Handicapped Parking

There is a handicapped parking lot just across the road from the main base area and approximately 100-200 yards from the sports center building. You can view parking information on the Winter Park Parking Information page.

More Activities

There is a wide variety of activities that are offered by the center for the disabled. A few of the popular activities besides skiing include horseback riding, snow shoeing, snowboarding and more.

Activity reservations are recommended. You can reserve space by calling 303-316-1518.

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Winter Park Disabled Skiers Program