Do I Need A Car

Do I need a car in Winter Park?

If you are taking a plane in to Denver, you can definitely find shuttles and buses that will take you to Winter Park without a problem. But if you are wondering if you need a car in Winter Park, there are just a few things you need to know, in general you will do just fine without one.

About 20-25% of the total Winter Park lodging is at Winter Park. The rest is in the surrounding areas, mainly Fraser. So if you stay at the resort, you will use the local shuttles in the evening to get to some of the off-campus food and bars. These shuttles and buses typically run every twenty minutes from easy-to-spot locations about town.

You are going to need to walk a bit, but not that far. Fraser is a small town and you can walk to the other end in 20 minutes easy. So if you can stand to walk a little bit, and aren’t afraid of a bus or shuttle, then you’ll be fine without a car.

The exceptions to needing a car are just a few. If you are unable or unwilling to walk a few blocks, then you will probably need a car. Chances are, being on a ski trip and all, you will probably be able to walk a few blocks. Though you might be sore from skiing.

The other thing is if you are staying farther out than the buses go. Your accomodations should be able to tell you if they are on the bus line or have a shuttle option before you book. 

Keep in mind that you have a failsafe with cabs. There are enough that you can find them and get where you are going without waiting too long. But if you are used to a big city, then you will feel like you are waiting forever. Even after you call.

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