Drive from Denver

How is the drive from Denver to Winter Park?  

The drive from Denver to Winter Park is probably a little less scenic than any other drive to a Colorado resort. The Bark Beetles have really done a number to the trees up here. On top of that, no rock tunnels. The expansive views are great, but I can’t honestly say that the view driving to Winter Park even ranks in the top 8 Drives to Ski Resorts.

For the process of the drive, it’s made up of I-70, and the other half switchbacks over the Berthoud Pass. I can’t stress this enough. There are some serious switchbacks traveling down here. It can be rather easy or challenging, depending on weather and traffic conditions. Sometimes, if there is a snowstorm, you may not be able to make the trip at all. If you’re worried about making it to the airport back from your trip, you can certainly stay in Denver a day ahead of time just to be safe, but this is rarely needed.

You don’t have to be a professional driver to make this trip. It is paved roads the whole way. Yes, there can be some uneasy moments if it is snowing, but just go slow and be smart. You can bring tire chains, just in case, but it is not likely that you will need them. Winter Park is invested in you being able to get to their resort, so they are going to make sure you have the ability to get from Denver to their joint.

Again, when the weather is bad, just be smart. Don’t rush. Give everyone lots of room. 

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