Denver Day Trip

What are the travel options from Winter Park to Denver?

There are a few travel options from Winter Park to Denver, whether you are looking for a day trip or need a shuttle back to town. Be aware that the Front Range Ski Bus no longer does trips to Winter Park, so be mindful of that. Many people assume that it does.

Train. You can take the Amtrak train. Believe me, this is a great option with beautiful views you can’t get from the road. This will take you to Union Station in Downtown Denver, which is a pretty great spot these days. From here, you can traipse all over Denver.

Shuttles. There are a couple of very solid shuttle options. There is Winter Park’s own Home James Shuttle. This will be pretty dependable since it is run by the resort, but you might need to check with them to see if they will drop you just any old place in Denver or if they just post you at DIA. The other option is Powderhound Shuttles. Their shuttles–which includes cars and SUVs, as well as traditional shuttle vans–will stop anywhere you ask them to. We have used them before, and we know this to be true.

Rent a Car. And then you have te typical option of renting a car. There is a Hertz Car Rental Agency in Fraser. There are several pretty steep switchbacks into and out of Winter Park, so be sure to rent something that handles well in the winter and something that you can handle well.

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