Bookworm of Edwards

The Bookworm of Edwards

TripAdvisor Rating:4.5

Address: 295 Main St, Unit C101, Edwards (Riverwalk)

Hours: Mon – Fri 7am-8p, Sat – Sun 9am-5p


You can’t really say that The Bookworm is a café…it’s more like it has a café. Originally a van that travelled between coffee shops in the local area and sold books, The Bookworm settled into its current location in the Riverwalk Center and opened the café in 2007. It quickly became an ad hoc community center of sorts with locals meeting here, people typing away at their laptops, and kids being read to. The bookstore/coffee shop/café really likes to keep it local, featuring books from local authors and using local products as much as possible in its foods.

The café is a great place to grab a quick crepe breakfast before hitting the slopes or spending a lazy afternoon with a book if the slope hit you and you need some recovery time.

The menu is pretty simple—mostly soups, salads, crepes, smoothies, and coffee drinks—and you can test your literary knowledge with the names of the different items.

What They’re Known for: Being a great local bookstore that serves great food, too. More specifically, the crepes. They serve both savory and sweet crepes, so go for the Green Eggs and Ham (ham, fried egg, gruyere, organic spinach), the Julia Child (nutella and powdered sugar), or Choose Your Own Adventure (create your own combo).

What to Watch for: Keep an eye on the clock while you’re here or you might lose valuable slope time enjoying the atmosphere and perusing all the books!

Price: $4-$10

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The Bookworm of Edwards