TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

Address: 130 Daybreak Ridge Rd., Avon, CO

Hours: 7a–11p


Buffalos is located in the Ritz-Carlton in Avon. The restaurant is an upscale dining experience that serves an alpine-influenced American cuisine. The name Buffalos isn’t just a catchy name. Buffalo meat does, indeed, appear on the menu and is served quite frequently. The restaurant appeals to both meat eaters and vegetarians alike with some strict vegetarian options available. Buffalos prides itself on offering organic poultry options and wild fish as well. The flavors in each dish can be described as bold, flavorful, and a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition to delicious food, Buffalos offers local beers on draft for you to sit back and relax while enjoying some of the finest meat throughout all of Colorado.

What They’re Known for: Ribeye steak. Buffalos is known well for their large 14 oz. ribeye steak. The steak has intricate, even marbling throughout to provide you with a tender and delicious bite. The steak comes served with crispy onions. In addition to the ribeye, the pan seared trout is another phenomenal option. Served with roasted garlic and sauteed artichokes, you are sure to love this entrée. Another great add-on side is the local favorite which is a lobster mashed potato with a vanilla brown butter drizzled on top.

What to Watch for: The price and the atmosphere. The restaurant is more quiet and elegant so it may not be an ideal option for children, especially those who are more picky eaters as the menu does not contain a kid’s section. You also want to watch the price as some entrees are quite pricey.

Price: $7-$50

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Buffalos - Beaver Creek