Dive Fish House

Dive Fish House

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 56 Edwards Village Boulevard, Edwards

Hours: Open every day 5p–9p


When visiting Edwards anyone who is a big fan of seafood–and especially oysters–should have at least one meal at Dive Fish House. This was formerly a restaurant called Dish, and for those who remember it from previous visits to Edwards, the ownership, staff, and atmosphere hasn’t changed all that much over the years. Likewise, it’s still a great place for any family or couple to get a great meal, though now they feature many different seafood items as their main commodity. Don’t worry, though, if your friends or family are not as much of a seafood fiend as you are. They also offer a variety of steak and pork dishes.

Along with the seafood and steak offerings, Dive Fish House also has an extensive wine, liquor and beer list. They offer a variety of creative and unique mixed drinks that will go great with any of their delicious meals. Like any place, the service will struggle to keep up when the place is slammed, but the prices are also. However, it is really the prices that might make you shy away – it is definitely not a cheap meal. All things considered the food is the reason people choose to eat at Dive.

What They’re Known for: The best and most well-remembered dish at Dive Fish House has got to be their rotating menu of oysters. The menu changes with the different variety of oysters flown in from different coasts as well as different ways that they choose to prepare them. But they’re always top-notch.

What to Watch for: The price tag, especially since few of the entrees come with side. This can make for a more expensive meal than many were planning on. On the other hand, the seafood is exquisite and, in the mountains, that alone can cost a pretty penny.

Price: $8-40+

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Dive Fish House