TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

Address: 34185 US Highway 6, Edwards

Hours: Gashouse is open every day 11a–10p


When you’re looking for a unique place to eat dinner, then the Gashouse is the way to go in Edwards. Once an old filling station left abandoned for over a decade, this spot has been one of the most successful restaurants in Edwards since the 80s. They offer a wide selection of game meats that you will not find in many traditional steakhouses or restaurants in the area. We’ve heard that meals have a tendency to arrive slightly over-cooked, so if you’re always stuck between, say, medium and medium-well, this might be a place to go one level rarer.

A family owned restaurant, the Gashouse has a unique atmosphere to it. The walls are covered with taxidermy animals, mostly featuring the game that they prepare. For many enthusiasts who go there to experience the game food, this is a great look and feel. Overall, they offer a great place for the whole family to get a great bite to eat. Remember to call ahead if possible though, since this is one of the more popular and oldest restaurants in the area.

What They’re Known for: Anyone who has been to Gashouse will tell you that they have an excellent variety of game meats that are not offered in many traditional restaurants. Many people come here specifically because they are looking to eat something a little out of the norm – and game meats like buffalo, elk and venison are their specialty.

What to Watch for: Again, there are animals on the wall. So, for compassion-minded vegans and vegetarians, this may be a little too much to handle. Even if they’re usually okay sticking to the salad part of the menu.

Price: $5-40+

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