Henry’s Chinese Cafe

Henry’s Chinese Cafe

TripAdvisor Rating:4.5

Address: 175 Main St, Edwards (Riverwalk)

Hours: 11a-9p (varies)


Sometimes, it doesn’t matter where you are, you just need some Chinese food. If that bug hits you while you’re in the valley, check out Henry’s Chinese Café. Located in the Riverwalk center, the place isn’t upscale touristy, but it isn’t strip mall plain, either. The focus is on the food, and it shows in the presentation and the taste.

The menu has the usual Chinese favorites—egg rolls, Kung Pao chicken, beef and broccoli, and the like—and some Thai curries, too.

What They’re Known for: The best Chinese food in the Vail Valley. Doesn’t matter what you order, someone has gushed over it.

What to Watch for: Don’t expect a lot of small talk from the owner. The food is tasty enough to keep people coming back, the service is good most of the time, but the owner is a bit of a grouch. One customer compared him to the Soup Nazi…but you still have to have the soup! Some customers see it as dinner theater, others simply take advantage of Henry’s take-out. Another option is to go for lunch—they aren’t as busy, and there are some good lunch special prices.

Price: $3-$20

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Henry's Chinese Cafe