Pazzo’s Pizzeria

Pazzo’s Pizzeria

TripAdvisor Rating:4.0

Address: 82 E Beaver Creek Blvd, Avon (corner of Plaza Way)

Hours: 11a-11p


Just because you’re on a spectacular Colorado ski vacation doesn’t mean every meal has to be couched in upscale luxury. Pazzo’s Pizzeria offers a friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere. It’s about the simplicity of good times, good conversation, and good food. It’s a little too far from the chairlift for a quick lunch, but it’s also within easy walking distance of several nearby hotels.

The original location was established in Vail in 1990, while the Avon location opened in 1996. It quickly found its footing and now plays second fiddle to no one. Pazzo’s is always going to be known as a pizzeria first, but it also boats a full menu of pasta, ‘zones, sandwiches, soups, salads, and beer.

What They’re Known for: Thick Sicilian-style pizza. In fact, in addition to specialty topping pizzas, they offer both thin and thick-style pies. Groups with people who prefer Chicago and New York-style pizza will find crowd-pleasing options for all involved. Also, happy hour is from 3-6p and includes both beer and food discounts.

What to Watch for: Service times. There’s a good amount of seating, but when the place sees a rush, there may be a wait. Or, if the takeout orders pile on, the kitchen can get backed up. So if you go during peak hours, don’t expect a quick meal. On the other hand, it’s going to be worth the wait, since it’s virtually unheard of to be unhappy with the quality of the food.

Price: $7-$15

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Pazzo's Pizzeria