TripAdvisor Rating: 5.0

Address: 101 Fawcett Road, Avon, CO

Hours: 4p–11p


Pizzaone is the local spot for everything pizza. When you want a fresh, handmade, delicious pizza, this is the place to be. The atmosphere is light and fun while the food is delicious and mouthwatering. With every bite you can watch as the cheese pulls away in ooey gooey strings. The restaurant is casual in nature and open for dinner in the Avon area. Pizzaone offers money saving specials that allow your entire family or party to eat for less than you would expect. You can also find deals of the day and take out specials to boot. Want to stay in for the night? Pizzaone offers delivery to your door.

What They’re Known for: Pizzaone is known for their pizza, and it is no joke. Every slice of pizza bears the handmade deliciousness that you expect in every bite. There are a variety of toppings to choose from and everything you can imagine appears on the list from Canadian bacon to beef and even ranch sauce. If you are looking to try something new, pick up one of Pizzaone’s specialty pizzas such as a buffalo chicken pizza, Greek pizza, or even the volcano Hawaiian.

What to Watch for: How much you want to spend. The pizza and menu items can quickly add up when you start adding items to your order. If you are looking to save some money while still enjoying delicious pizza, shoot for a deal of the day or even one of the weekly specials. Also, Pizzaone has indoor seating, but it’s worth noting this is a pizza joint and not a “sit-down” restaurant.

Price: $6-$25

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Pizzaone - Beaver Creek