TripAdvisor Rating:4.5

Address: 100 W Beaver Creek Blvd, Suite 127, Avon, Beaver Creek

Hours: Mon-Fri, 11a-9p, Sat-Sun, 5p-9p


Ticino welcomes one and all from the slopes to enjoy a bite of authentic Italian cuisine. With a build your own pasta meal that allows you to choose the homemade pasta, sauce and meat that you’d like on your dish, everyone can personalize the meal that they eat. Lasagna, salads, ribs and other options are also on the menu. They have a different version of jalapeño poppers that are highly regarded as some of the best. The restaurant is family owned and operated, which allows you to feel right at home when you walk in. Each of the meals is prepared using local, fresh and natural ingredients. Even the chicken that they cook are organic free range chickens with no artificial hormones.

What They’re Known for: The large portions and different options that they always seem to be serving. There is enough for one meal to provide food for two people. There are also different items on the menu each week that you cannot find anywhere else such as escargot that is freshly prepared, like all of the food served in the restaurant.

What to Watch for: Slower service than normal because it is generally a fully booked place so the wait staff is sometimes occupied with other tables, cleaning the tables or providing help to the other staff in the area. Once you get in though, it is well worth the small wait by the door for a seat and table.

Price: $5-$30+

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