TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

Address: 60 Avondale Lane, Beaver Creek Village

Hours: Every day from 3p-9p


Toscanini is an authentic Italian restaurant located at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain, next to the ice skating rink. The bar opens at 3pm and the dining room opens for dinner at 5pm, daily. They offer a wide variety of Italian dishes which are priced reasonably, especially given the location. The wine list is the only one in town that is 100% Italian–which are also priced decently considering the expansive, imported collection.

A kids’ menu can also be found at Toscanini, which makes it a great stop for families. They are not often crowded, but calling ahead will ensure you get a table right away. The kitchen staff is featured in the open kitchen where you watch your meals being prepared, which can be a delight for many. The food is usually delicious and the wine list is outstanding. All in all, if you care more about the food than your potential service, then Toscanini is worth checking out!

What They’re Known for: Toscanini is well known for having authentic Italian food and a 100% Italian wine list to choose from. The dishes are all prepared to order in the open kitchen for all to see.

What to Watch for: The customer service seems to be inconsistent at times. Part of this is simply the trade-off for hot, fresh Italian food served at a popular destination, but if you’re looking for that extra level of attention, another spot may be a better choice.

Price: $6-65+

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Toscanini - Beaver Creek