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Steamboat Grand Hotel Ski vacations

The Steamboat Grand is located within a 3 minute walk of the ski resort base area and Gondola Square. This is the largest hotel in Steamboat Springs and there is a wide variety of accommodations that are available to skiers and snowboarders here. This is also one of the most popular venues for hosting weddings, business conferences, and social events in Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat Grand Hotel Rooms

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This hotel offers condominiums and hotel rooms that range between one and three bedrooms. Guests are going to find amenities far beyond what you can see in the list below. Many of the condominiums and hotel rooms will all have slightly different living spaces, appliances, and amenities. All rooms should be expected to have the qualities/amenities that you see in this list below.

Hotel Facilities and Services

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Restaurants, Food, Dining

This hotel has a myriad of food and dining options. You can see a list of places where you may eat in this hotel below. Catering services are also available for your events, meetings, weddings, and business conventions.

Steamboat Grand Business Traveler Info

This hotel has large facilities that are capable of hosting business meetings and conferences of up to 600 people. Here are some of the services and amenities that are available to business travelers at the Steamboat Grand…

Hotel Conference and Wedding Event Information

The maximum event size that can be accommodated at the Steamboat Grand is 600 people. There is 17,000+ sq. ft. of event space in this hotel. There are also usually sufficient accommodations for everyone that will be attending your event.

The ballroom at this hotel measures just shy of 5,500 sq. ft. This space can be divided if this is needed to accommodate different functions during a business conference/event. The ballroom can also be utilized as a whole for weddings, concerts and keynote speeches. The Steamboat Grand has a large amount of outdoor space that can be utilized for events (With or without a tent).

The Steamboat Grand has an audio/visual staff that will be in attendance to help you with your event if needed. There is a wide range of audio/visual media equipment that is available for use in the hotel. This hotel frequently holds large events that require extension cords, powerstrips, green rooms, and everything else that you might expect at an important resort conference.

Important* There are some hotel regulations with regards to how late your event can run at this hotel. These rules were created in order to respect the other hotel guests and ski resort village neighbors. Outdoor events must be finished by 10 pm. Indoor events must be finished by 1 am.

Grand Spa | Spa Treatments and Services

This spa offers a full range of treatments and services to guests of the hotel. The Grand Spa is located inside of the Steamboat Grand hotel and condominiums near the base of the Steamboat Ski Resort.

Here is a short summary list of the services and spa treatments that you will find here.

Hotel and Condominium FAQ

Is breakfast served every morning in this hotel?

Yes, The Cabin; which is located inside of the Steamboat Grand hotel complex, will serve breakfast every day of the week.

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Where can I watch NFL football games in Steamboat Springs, CO?

Chaps bar is a great place to catch a Sunday NFL game. There are several televisions here and there is a great atmosphere to enjoy the game with your best friends. This establishment will open for lunch and dinner service and provide a relaxed atmosphere for skiers, snowboarders, and business travelers to relax in throughout the day.

Is the outdoor pool at the Steamboat Grand open in the winter time?

Yes, this pool is heated and opened throughout the winter ski season in Steamboat.

What can the concierge at this hotel do for me?

This concierge staff at the Steamboat Grand can arrange all of your activities including recreation and dining. This service is ideal for large groups who are traveling and staying together.

Is a deposit required for room reservations at this hotel?

Yes, this requirement and the associated cancellation policies will vary between seasons. In general, all vacation guests at this hotel will be required to pay some kind of deposit fee.

How many square feet are in each hotel room?

– The smallest type of guest room in this hotel is the studio hotel room. These hotel rooms start around 300 sq. ft.

– Regular hotel rooms in this building are usually around 400-450 sq. ft.

– Condominiums are approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of living space.

– The penthouse suites can have as much as 4,000 sq. ft. of room space.

Steamboat Grand Hotel