Rio Grande

Rio Grande

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 628 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs

Hours: 11a-11p, every day


The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant is often hailed as the “best Mexican restaurant in Steamboat,” and they live up to their reputation. The food is consistently excellent, with large portion sizes and inexpensive pricing, making it a favorite of locals and tourists alike. The Rio Grande is a popular choice for large parties and they excel in creating a relaxing, yet vibrant atmosphere for groups.

What They’re Known for: While the Rio Grande excels in standard Mexican food, where they really shine is with their specialty dishes and service. Both the Mahi Mahi Tacos and the Fajita Combo come highly recommended by most visitors. Along with their excellent food, enjoy prompt service with attention to detail. The Rio Grande’s margarita choices are second to none and are made with top-notch tequila. Try a regular margarita or one of their specialty cocktails with your dinner and you won’t be disappointed.

What to Watch for: Because the Rio Grande has live music and caters to large parties, they can be on the loud side on busy evenings, making it a less than ideal choice for situations where conversation is the focus of the meal. Choose to come here on a slow night, and you’ll be much happier with the volume of the ambient noise.

Price: $10-$25

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Rio Grande - Steamboat