Slopeside Grill

Slopeside is definitely one of the places to be for apres ski, as it has a large patio area and an even larger “sit in the snow area” outside of that–which is all in addition to the indoor portion which is as big as they come for dining and drinking this close to the slopes.

Where. You don’t need the address. This is far skier’s right at the bottom of Christie base, right next door to Saketumi (they share a building) and about 70 yards downhill from T-Bar.

When. They are pretty much open all the time. They have daily happy hour from 10-midnight, if that gives you any clue. So if you are here during ski season and wondering if they are still open, don’t. They are. Just show up.

What. Pizzas. You can always build your own, but they have a good list of stuff they have pulled together. This pizza is not the best you’ve ever had and you’re not likely to throw around 5 stars at any of the various rating sites. But it is good, it is filling, and it is priced correctly. So all in all, you will be satisfied. Put it this way, we ate their twice in one week. First time, we both got pizzas and shared wings and brought a whole pizza home. Second time, we split a pizza and still had a piece left over. They treat you right on the portions, especially for being slopeside. Get it?

Slopeside Grill pizza

The wings are good also, and I believe we had a few of the appetizers. We have heard from people that we trust, that the rest of the menu is a little spotty, but the pizzas and apps never miss.

For drinks, they have a good enough beer selection (on tap) that pretty much anyone is going to find something they like to drink. Margs were passable, but not going to best Rio Grande (though not many can, so it’s an unfair comparison). They have the advantage of having clientele who are, in general, low on blood sugar, very hungry, and aching to drink. So you will enjoy this place. Here is their menu.

Of Note.The have a happy hour from 10-midnight every night, where pints are $3 and pizzas are $7. That is essentially half-off their menu price. I mean, come on. That’s hard to beat anywhere.

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Slopeside Grill